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December 2014 The Scrap Heap, The Norman Atlantic, More About Lifeboats, The Shell Prelude, Tidal Energy
November 2014 The Maersk Salt 200s, A Black Day for Seafarers, Ouch!!, The Tor Viking II Rescue, Rigs to Reefs
October 2014 Kidnapped, A Black Day for Shipmasters, Something About Lifeboats, The Loss of the Seaprobe, Goodbye Maersk Gabarus.
September 2014 The Risk of Long Distance Multiple Tows, The Aurora, VLOCs in Port, A Gas Explosion, Queen of the Lakes
August 2014 Going for a Fish Supper, The Kort Nozzle, The Trinity II Accident, The Gora, Operating Manuals
June 2014 The General Slocum Disaster, Well Intervention, The Marseilles Dam Accident, The SS St Louis Story, The Billy Pugh
May 2014 Responsibility for the Sewol Tragedy, Don't Head Straight for the Platform, The Loss of the Ocean Ranger, Ship of Gold, The Miguel de Servantes
April 2014 Responsibility for Ferry Operations, NERC to Get a New Ship, The Murzur, The Kulluk Accident, The CSS Olympia
March 2014 A Future of Unmanned Ships, Words from the Gulf, Star Taurus, Navigating the Channel, The Morning Glory.
February 2014 Passenger Ship Problems, Windfarm Worries, An Accident in the Gulf of Mexico, Esnaad 715.
January 2014 More about the Neftegaz 67 and the Yao Hai, Ships in Flims, A Unified Bridge, Revisiting the Herald of Free Enterprise, The Pieter Schelte
December 2013 2014 Wishes, Stuck in the Frozen South, Nickel Ore, Auditing, The Shipping Forecast.
November 2013 So Goodbye to the Typhoon, The End of the Prestige Business, The Perils of Podded Propulsion, Wreck Photographs, The Danny FII Update
October 2013 The Arctic Sunrise Affair, Something from the Costa Concordia Trial, The Nweftegaz 67 and Yeo Hai Collision, The Danny FII report, Captain Phillips
September 2013 The Costa Concordia is Uprighted, Loss of Two Crew Members in Heavy Weather, Revisiting Macondo, Petrobras and DP, Priraziomnaya
August 2013 Goodbye Oil Harrier, Piracy or Not, Ramco Crusader, Human Error and Heavy Weather Damage, Petrobras and DP
July 2013 The Noble Paul Romero Event, Incidents on DP Drill Ships, Superyacht Incident, Lifeboats on Offshore Installations, Hercules 265
June 2013 The Costa Concordia Report, The Mary Rose Museum, Model Mega Boxship, The Jascon 4
May 2013 Greenpeace at Work in Australia, The Industry Unites, The Jolly Nero Accident, The Maersk EEE, The Skandi Foula and the OMS Resolution
April 2013 Titanic II - Another Shot at Getting it Right, Memories of Mrs Thatcher, Emma Maersk, Maersk Detector Collision with the GSF Grand Banks, The London Gateway
March 2013 Running Aground in the South Atlantic, Juliette Pride I and Juliette Pride II, Accommodation.
February 2013 Carnival Cruisers Are in it Again, Free Offers, Hallin Penrith, Lyubov Orlova and Friends, The Guardian.
January 2013 Recent Pirate Activity, The Cormorant Alpha Oil Leak, Costa Concordia, The Kulluk Incident, The Life of Pi.
December 2012 Christmas wishes, Some sort of control over the pirate problem, Norovirus, The VOS Sailor, Basket Transfer.
November 2012 The Prestige Court Case Starts, Transocean and Chevron in Brazil, Ditching. Noerth Sea Oil Spills, Confined Space Entry, The ECDIS Problem
October 2012 Transocean and Chevron in Brazil - Or Not, Shell Security, One from the Archive, Ships Aground, UK ETVs
September 2012 The Costa Concordia, Cruise Ships in Venice, Macondo Again, Container Ship Fires, The Flying Angel, The C-Viking
August 2012 Victory et al,  The Mary Rose Accident, The Warrior, The Canton, The James Bond Exhibition, Lake Cruisers
July 2012 Not Arcadia, The Rock, The Master's Responsibility, Somali Piracy, The Leiv Eiriksson Consortium, Electric Ships
June 2012 The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, The Elgin Gas Leak, The ITS Conference, Heading for the Rig, African Piracy, BP Shipping - What comes Around
May 2012 The Elgin Gas Leak Update, The Cruise Ship and Castaways, Expert Comments, Massive Tide in Australia, Offshore Wind, The Wreck mof the Samtampa
April 2012 The Elgin Gas Leak, The Iceberg 1, Amy Jones and the Deep Ocean Clarion, The Mighty Deliverer and A Turtle, Black Fish, Shell's Leaks.
March 2012 The Costa Allegre Accident, The Koosha 1, Off Mombasa, Waiting for the Results of Investigations, Oil Rig News, A Dead Zone
February 2012 The Costa Concordia, The Iron Lady, Teenage Yacht Persons, Tugs in the Gulf, Stuft in the Falkland Islands, Passenger Ship Breakdowns, The Thames Estuary Airport
January 2012 RigMoves, Rig Moves, The Loss of the Kolskaya, Fishing in the Ice, The Noydena
December 2011  RigMoves, The Mermaid Vigilance, The Onedin Line, The Work Time Directive, Barometric Pressure
November 2011 Rebecca Coriam, The Damen PSVs, The Loss of the Koosha 1, The Scottish ETVs, The Iceberg 1
October 2011 The Rena, Mermaid Vigilance, The Carriage of Sponge Iron, Shetland VTS Gaps, Learning
September 2011 The 9/11 Effect, The Chandlers, The Bear Island Wreck, A Reunion, Warsash Lake, Fairmount Expedition Rescue
August 2011 Back in the Groove, Who Should be in Charge, Marine Investigations, UK Emergency Towing Vessels, Gannet Oil Spill
June 2011 The White List, A Presentation, Acetylene in Falmouth, Where's the Ocean Guardian, The Tunisian Refugee Problem
May 2011 The MSC Opera, An Allision, The Night Navigator, Pirates Again, A Captain Goes Home
April 2011  Tax Relief for Seafarers, The IMO Message, The Global Call to Combat Pirate Risks, Marine Safety Forum Safety Flashes, And Good News for a Very Few
March 2011 Videos, The Bourbon Liberty Class, Nuclear Matters, More Bad News, Fake EEBD
February 2011 Cougar Flight 91, The Mel Oliver Collision, The Deepwater Horizon and Human Factors, The Carnival Splendor Fire, A Further Piracy Update
January 2011 Weighty Matters, Piracy Update, A Big Ship, Working On, The Seawind Project
December 2010 Year of the Seafarer, The Coastguard Tugs, JMM Marine, Charity, And Finally for 2010
November 2010 The Chandlers are Released, Jobs in Aberdeen, The Yellow Fleet, The Carnival Splendor Fire, The Damon B Bankston
October 2010 Goodbye to the Coastguard Salvage Tugs, BP and the Macondo Well, Piracy, The Stena Carron and Greenpeace, The Death of Akhona Geveza
September 2010 The Loss of the OSV Voortrekker, BP Have Reported, Anchor-handling, A Bit of Free Advertising, Alternative Energy
August 2010 All Over Bar the Shouting, Passing Portsmouth, Danny F II, Alternative Energy
July 2010 The Deepwater Horizon in July, Flag States, AIS Monitoring, Holidays
June 2010 The Deepwater Horizon is an Environmental 9/11, Keith Jessop, Lone Sailors, DP Again, Far Grimshader
May 2010 The Deepwater Horizon Accident, Pirates, Accident Investigations, The Windmills of Aberdeen - Again, The Saudi Arabia of Marine Energy.
April 2010 The Bourbon Dolphin, A Marine investigation, The Neftegaz 67, The Windmills of Aberdeen, Fast Supply Vessels
March 2010  Marine Investigations, The Ocean Guardian, The British Airways Strike, Human Error and Heavy Weather Damage, GPS
February 2010  Going to Sea, The Danny F II, The Year of the Seafarer, Pirates, Sea Shepherd
January 2010  The Haiti Earthquake Disaster, The Ocean Lark, Explosive Underpants
December 2009  Charity, Lay-ups, Jobs, Pirates, Eide Wrestler, Christmas Greetings
November 2009  Updating Marine Information, The Webcam, Pirates, The IBC OSV Conference, The State of Play
October 2009  Google Ads, Updating Marine Information, The Siem Pearl, Pirates, The Anglian Prince
September 2009  The Oil Show or as they would like it to be known "Offshore Europe 2009"
August 2009 The Bourbon Liberty Class, Demas Victory, Pike (Again), The UT 790 CD, The Hebei Two
July 2009 Maritime Cuba, Demas Victory, Pike
June 2009 A Safety Flash, Piracy Activity, Yachting, Ship Designers,
May 2009 A hydrogen-sulphide incident. Pirate activity. Watchkeeping. Contracting. Supply Ship Operations
 April 2009 Another Helicopter Crash, Illegal Immigrants Die in the Med, Activity off the Horn of Africa, Submarine Collisions, Supply Ship Operations
 March 2009 Helicopter Crashes, A Ballasting Incident, Goodbye Karmsund, AUVs, The Risks of Going Ashore
February 2009 Google Adverts, The Webcam, The Price of Oil, Q790 (The Clementine), DP Again
January 2009 Happy 2009
December 2008 Fish Poisoning, Pirates of the Gulf of Aden, Oil Rig Cancellations, 007, Charity
November 2008 Marine London, Pirates of the Gulf of Aden, Anchor-Handler Day Rates, Donald Trump and Aberdeen, Tax
October 2008 AIS, Pirates of the Gulf of Aden, Last Voyages, Sevan Hummingbird, Personal Responsibility for Safety
September 2008 9/11 and the Explosive Qualities of Branston Pickle, Helicopters, From the Marine Safety Forum, Lehman Brothers, ERRV Guidelines, Hurricane Ike
August 2008 Henry the Navigator, Update on the Ice Maiden, Tony McGinnity, Sailing Ships, Lifeboats
July 2008 The Rita, Philippines Ferry Disaster, Charitable Donations, Guard Vessels, The Aurora
June 2008 The Price of Oil. Offshore Emergency Response, The Value of Investment, The Courageous III
May 2008 The Webcam, Spanish Fishermen, The Ice Maiden Again, Podded Propulsion
April 2008 Treatment of Seafarers by Authorities, The Bourbon Dolphin Report, The Neftegaz 67, Maersk Crewing
March 2008 More Ice Maidens, The Bottle Nosed Dolphin, Another Safety Flash, Tempsc
Feb 2008 What's Happened to the Ice Maiden, The Windmills of Aberdeen, Oil Company Profits, Captain Bob
Jan 2008 Happy New Year, The Departure of the Normand Mariner, Rumble in the Antactic, Foolhardy Acts in the North Atlantic, A Bad 2007
Dec 2007 Advertising in Aberdeen Airport, Bourbon Dolphin Update, Thistle, The Festive Season
Nov 2007 IBC Energy Offshore Support Conference, Submarine Rescue, Environmental Application, Risk Assessments, The History of the Supply Vessel
Oct 2007 Risk Assessments. Driving Supply Vessels. The Webcam. The History of the Supply Vessel.
 June 2007  Bourbon Dolphin, Vroon Go for It, The Vital Spark, The Falklands after 25 Years, And the Skills Shortage
 May 2007  Pieces in the Jigsaw, Loss of a Turtle, Accommodation Ships, One for the Book
 April 2007 The Loss of the Bourbon Dolphin
 March 2007  Activity In Invergordon, The Ice Maiden, Voith Schneider Propulsion, A Rough Day in the North Sea, A Topical Picture
February 2007  The MSC Napilo, Tidewater's Plans, Jigsaw, A New Year Picture. A Rough Day in the North Sea, Another New Year Picture.
January 2007  The View from Market Street. More automation. The Busiest Oil Port in the World. Fatigue at Sea. A New Year Picture.
December 2006  Other sorts of supply ship. Automation. Jigsaw Project 2006. Rig Shifting for fun and profit. A Festive season picture.
November 2006  The Emma Maersk (again). The Loss of the Meridian, Real Seamanship, At the Edge of the Sea. Vic Gibson
October 2006  The Emma Maersk. Seafarer Shortages. Anchor-handler day rates. Vic Gibson
June 2005  The Ship With the X Bow part 2. Waldermann Publishing. The Ocean Carrier and a Bridge Link. Vic Gibson
April 2005  Back Again. The Ship with the X-Bow. Vic Gibson
Feb 2005 Seacor News. John P Laborde Vic Gibson
Jan 2005 Small change to the presentation - This is the January edition to allow contributions received during January to be posted immediately. We live in hope!
New Year Greetings - Vic Gibson. Oil Rigs and British Colombia - Ted Caucutt. Hot News About Seacor Vic Gibson
Nov 2004 Contributing to News and Views - Vic Gibson. Fortress Aberdeen 2 - Vic Gibson. The Triton 8 - Vic Gibson. North Sea Fish Stocks - Vic Gibson  YOUR WORDS COULD BE INCLUDED HERE!!
Oct 2004 Contributing to News and Views - Vic Gibson. Fortress Aberdeen - Peter Barker. Windmills Everwhere - Peter Barker. Tea-shack News - Vic Gibson. Noisy Ships - Vic Gibson. Supply ship day rates - Vic Gibson. The Aquarius - Vic Gibson.
Sept 2004 Fencing at Fittie - Vic Gibson. Goodbye to the BUE Victor - Vic Gibson. A Personnel Transfer Device Fatality - Vic Gibson. Safety Case Training - Vic Gibson. More about Pipelaying Anchors - Nigel Sly.
August 2004 The Rogue Wave. Tidewater Retirements. The 10,000 Year Storm. Safety Case Training. Full Employment. The Stevns Power. Star Offshore Services. All Vic Gibson

July 2004

Being Away. The Yavari. Flags of Convenience. More about ISPS. Merchant Navy Uniforms. Star Offshore Services. All Vic Gibson 
May 2004 The Effect of Watertightness. News of Northlink. The Mayflower Resolution. Crew Wages. All Vic Gibson
April 2004 The Effect of the Oil Price. Beyond Obscurity. Some words about Charters. The Boa Deep C. The Nautical Institute Retires for the Summer. All Vic Gibson
March 2004 A New World. The Influence of the Health and Safety Executive. Announcement from BP. New Ships for North Star. Rumours about Ship Sales. Shell and the North Sea. All Vic Gibson
February 2004 Chaos on the Internet. Vic Gibson
January 2004 What's Happening. Safe Cargo Handling on Board Supply Ships. The ISPS Code. Safer Ships. All Vic Gibson
November 2003 What the Port Manager Said. Mud Carriage in India. The End of Market St. Echoes of the Prestige. All Vic Gibson
October 2003 What's Happenin Dude. The Harrods Invergordon Branch. Loss of a Support Ship.Marex News. All Vic Gibson
September 2003 News. Vessel Bits and Pieces.  All John Griffiths
August 2003 The News. Vessel Bits and Pieces. Comment. All John Griffiths
July 2003
The News. Vessel Bits and Pieces. Comment. All John Griffiths
June 2003 The News. Vessel Bits and Pieces. Comment. All John Griffiths
May 2003 The News. Vessel Bits and Pieces. Comment. All John Griffiths
April 2003 The News. Vessel Bits and Pieces. Comment. All John Griffiths
March 2003 The News. Bits and Pieces. Comment. All John Griffiths
February 2003
The News. Newbuilding News. Movers and Shakers. Comment. All John Griffiths
January 2003 A Reverse Auction 2. Getting Ashore in America. Change of watch. All Vic Gibson The News. Newbuilding News. Movers and Shakers. Comment. All John Griffiths
December 2002 A Reverse Auction. ERRV Departures. The Prestige. The Departure of the Seabulk Eagle 2. A Bit about Tank Cleaning. Another Collision. All Vic Gibson
November 2002  A Tale of an Azimuthing Thruster. More Ferry News. Stena Dee to Depart Invergordon. The Asco Take-Over. Anchor-Handlers and A-Frames. The Drillships and the Deeps. All Vic Gibson
July/Aug 2002 New Newsletter Arrangements. More About Collisions. And Another Thing. Latest Jigsaw News. Departures. All Vic Gibson
June 2002 Renaming Ceremonies. The Offshore Emergencies Conference. Collisions. The Effect of Worldcom on the Rest of the World. Arrivals. All Vic Gibson
May 2002 The 17th International Tug and Salvage Conference. On a Lighter Note. BP Cuts its Crew Again. News from SBS. Viking and BUE Connect. Collisions. Renewable Energy. All Vic Gibson
April 2002 The Problems with DP. Something about ITS. Stirling Clyde Rebadged. New Arrivals. 500. All Vic Gibson
March 2002 We Receive a Press Release. The Subject of the Press Release. Stirling Spica Arrives in New Colours. Sovereign Explorer Arrives in West Africa. Laney Chouest. Spare a thought for the Poor Marine Journalist. All Vic Gibson
February 2002 Another Sad Day. Sovereign Explorer Update. Miss Jane Tide. What Lies in Store for New Arrivals What's in a Name. Stena Don Misfortunes. All Vic Gibson
January 2002 Olympic Hercules Arrives. Sovereign Explorer Departs. Return of the Cable-Layers. A Sad Day. Pieces Still Missing from the Jigsaw Puzzle. West Navion Misfortunes. All Vic Gibson
December 2001 Exaggeration. Comparative Disasters. Hot Shipowner News. Problems with Tank Cleaning. All Vic Gibson
November 2001 712s for Australia. The Leith International Safety Conference. Phillips Australia Charter Far Scotsman.FPSO for the Woollybutt Field. Getting it Wrong. First Well Intervention Ship Ordered. All Vic Gibson.
October 2001 News from Invergordon. Meanwhile at the Builders. Tugs and Tugs. The 728 Arrives. All Vic Gibson.
September 2001 Further News on the BP Jigsaw. Vic Gibson.
July 2001 The Chinese are Coming. The Maureen Platform is Towed Away. All Vic Gibson.
May 2001 Gulf Acquire Seatruck. Vic Gibson.
March 2001 Sterling Sells Out to Seacor. Tidewater Continue to Purchase Ships. All Vic Gibson.
February 2001 Invergordon Rigs Re-activated. Vic Gibson.
January 2001 Sealion Announce New Offshore Construction Vessel. Large Number of Ships Under Construction. Edison Chouest to Operate Former R&B Falcon Fleet. All Vic Gibson.
October 2000 ERRVA Shakes up BPs Jigsaw. Tidewater Goes on Buying Spree. BP Moves on to Next Phase of Operation Jigsaw. All Vic Gibson.
September 2000 Marex Website hits Record. Far Minara Sold. All Vic Gibson.
August 2000 BP Submit ERRV Proposal to the HSE. SMPs Investigate BP/Amoco SBV Plan. BP Plan Gas Pipeline Connection to Magnus All Vic Gibson.




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